About us

What we do?

  • Encourage and enable parents and others to read regularly to their children
  • Inspire children and young people to read for pleasure

Why we do it?

  • Help children do better at school and in life
  • Improve literacy and social mobility
  • Strengthen the bond between parents and children

How we do it?

  • Build parents’ confidence to read to their children
  • Give carefully selected books to every child under five
  • Give extra support to the most disadvantaged children and families
  • Work with schools and others to get more children reading

Our work matters!

Encouraging parents to share stories, books and rhymes in the early years can help start an introduction into a wide tapestry of knowledge and culture, which can help children understand who they are and the place they have in the world. We start at the earliest possible age as we believe children who have an early introduction to books benefit in many ways; educationally, socially, culturally and emotionally.

Book Trust’s early years programme Bookstart is proven to help children develop language and literacy skills for starting school, while Book Trust’s Letterbox Club has helped to improve the reading and number skills for many children in care.