How to get your kids to sleep at bedtime

One of the most wonderful parent-child bonding moments occurs when it’s time to tuck your child in for bed. There’s something special about the end of the day when all the world begins to quiet down which allows parents to connect with their children in a meaningful way. No more rushing around town for appointments, no more busy meetings, no more school work. Just you and your child.

Unfortunately, far too many parents don’t know how to make bedtime a meaningful, bonding time. Instead, they just turn out the lights and say, “Good night.”

My goal with this blog post is to give parents some suggestions on ways you can bond with their children at bedtime and make some precious memories that will last a lifetime.

I write this blog from experience with this topic. The tips I give below are the very things I do for my children when tucking them in at night. They’ve been wonderful for my family. Hopefully, they will be wonderful for your family, too.

Bedtime routine tips

(1) Tuck your child into bed.

(2) Tell your child that you love them and you are so grateful for who they are.

(3) Tell your child a story from your childhood. Kids like to hear about your experience as a child.

(4) Read your child a story. This could be a short story that can conclude in one setting. Or you can choose a longer story, reading one chapter a night.

(5) If you read a story, or tell a story, play soothing music in the background.

(6) Sing a song, or two, or three!

(7) After you’re finished with your story or song, tell your kids you’ll check on them in a few minutes. And be sure to do so!

(8) Pray with your children, and let them hear you express thanks to God for them being in your family as your children. Children need to know they are loved and valued.


Bedtime is a special time. Your children are growing up, and they’re growing up fast. Build those memories and build them now!

— storyadmin77