Fireworks under the stars in 2021

It appears summer is back! And with summer comes picnics, gatherings, outings, and more. Fun in the sun and time with friends and family are going to be more appreciated this summer than any time in recent memory because it is the first time in over a year that most of us will be able to gather together because COVID restrictions have kept us apart.

With the return of crowds and gatherings during the summer months, so comes the return of big celebrations for Independence Day. Last year, when parades and fireworks shows were canceled across the country because of the pandemic, many people were stunned that the pandemic had lasted that long! And then when spring 2021 arrived, there was still talk that we may see a repeat of the summer shutdowns as seen in 2020.

However, even as the virus continues to ravage various corners of the world, especially India right now, there are more and more reports that the country is ready to open for business with states like Florida, Texas, and Idaho leading the way. In Idaho, for example, the largest fireworks show west of the Mississippi, The Melaleuca Freedom Celebration, is planned and set to happen against a 31-minute soundtrack of inspiring patriotic music. Even the governor of the state will be present as a sign of solidarity with his fellow citizens that it is time to open.

So, even though we’re not out of the woods, yet, we’re at least out of the cave. Let’s enjoy our time together, and let’s enjoy it responsibly.

Stay safe!

— storyadmin77