Choosing an audio book for the narrator’s voice

An audiobook provides convenience in a myriad of ways. For example, because of audiobooks, you can “read” while you drive. Because of audiobooks, you can read with your eyes closed. Because of audiobooks, you can read while cleaning the house. Because of audiobooks, we can READ MORE.

For me, audiobooks are my go-to solution for getting help falling asleep. Like many of you, I’m sure, unwinding from a busy, stressful day can take a while. And for me, it can take hours, and it can be ever so frustrating to watch the clock tick on with sleep escaping me.

Recently, I discovered a wonderful solution to this conundrum. Prior to going to bed, I take a natural sleeping pill and then I listen to an audiobook about Corrie Ten Boom, the WWII Christian hero who saved Jews and who, herself, was later imprisoned in a Nazi death camp.

Now the reason I listen to this book EVERY NIGHT isn’t that it’s an interesting book. And it is an interesting book! The reason I listen to it every night is that the narrator of the audiobook has a very soothing voice which is so relaxing to listen to. Every time I listen to this book, which is called: Amazing Love: True Stories of the Power of Forgiveness, I quickly fall asleep.

This isn’t the only audiobook that does this to me, and I am grateful for the soothing voice talent that some of these wonderful narrators have. When you listen to a harsh-voiced narrator it makes you appreciate those narrator voices that are more calming.

So, if you’re having trouble getting to sleep. Take my advice and find an audiobook to listen to because the voice is soothing AND the content is interesting.

— storyadmin77