School is Almost Out!

School is Almost Out!

For most kids around the country, there are only a few weeks of school left before summer vacation. This is crunch time for a lot of students; final test and projects loom large.

Now is the time for parents to start planning for the summer. Sure, you want to plan some fun family vacations, but you also want to make sure your school-age kids have some intellectual stimulation.

One of the first things we do is look at what summer reading programs are offered in our community. It’s a good idea to check with the local library, as they almost always have something fun lined up for the kids. At our house, we visit the library at least twice a week during the summer.

But there are other places to look too. Have you thought about contacting any local non-profit organizations? Lots of churches have great summer reading programs and camps. And we have noticed an uptick in school districts that put on reading and other scholastic events during the summer.

But what if you live in a community where none of that is available? We think that’s highly unlikely, wherever you are. But still, you have the power to do something great with reading yourself. If you feel so inclined, might we suggest throwing a neighborhood reading camp for your youngsters. All it takes is a little imagination and some minor preparation.

We know of a lady in our neighborhood who puts on an annual summer science carnival in her back yard. It’s not much, but the kids love going to different stations and learning about physics, astronomy, etc. The same goes for reading fairs.

You can even host a reading sleepover or slumber party. Invite kids to bring their favorite books and possibly some snacks to share. But bring your own books and healthy snacks (Melaleuca has some great healthy snack options, including popcorn) just in case kids show up with nothing but comic books and candy.

So, do your best to have your kids go out there and get lost in the pages of some great books this summer!

— Fred Williams