Read These 5 Books Before You See the Movies


There a a plethora of films hitting the big screen this year, and many of them are based on some pretty amazing books. We strongly suggest you grab these five books and read them before you you see the film version in the theater. Depending on the age of your children, some of these would be great after-school reading.

It’s still mid-winter, which is a great time to cuddle up in front of a fire or under a warm blanket with a great book and steaming mug of coffee. (Just released for the new year is Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee from Melaleuca. We just tried the Kona blend of Melaleuca coffee, and it is fantastic, gourmet stuff.) So get reading!

1. The 5th Wave is a gripping piece of science fiction written by Rick Yancey. The tale focuses on Cassie Sullivan, a girl of 16 who is one of Earth’s few surviving people after the planet was attacked and decimated by the Others, a mysterious alien civilization. The Others took the world apart in four waves, and Cassie must now find refuge for her and her brother before the fifth wave completely destroys Earth. The movie comes out on January 22nd, so you better hurry and read the book now if you want to see the exciting film on opening weekend.

2. The Choice, from #1 New York Time bestselling author Nicholas Sparks, is full of romance and wit. Get to know Travis Parker, whose life full of friends, fun, and a great career seems to be perfect—that is, until he gets a new neighbor named Gabby Holland. Gabby soon realizes that she must make a choice between her current love interest and her captivating new neighbor Travis. The movie hits theaters on February 5th. That gives you four weeks from today to read the novel.

3. Allegiant is the third installment in the insanely popular Divergent trilogy of young adult science fiction adventure novels. If you haven’t heard of it and know nothing about the story of young Tris Prior and her leading part in breaking apart a closed society, then you have been living under a rock. The first two novels/films, Divergent and Insurgent, have set up a nail-biting, action-packed third act that you won’t want to miss—whether in print or on the big screen. The movie comes out on March 18, so you have plenty of time to read it, then go back and watch the first two films. Epic! (Head’s up though: Although Allegiant is just one book, it has been split up into two films: Allegiant comes out in March while the second half, Ascendant, comes out next year.)

4. Here’s a chance for you and the kids to enjoy a classic together: Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book hits theaters on April 15. If your children have never heard the story of young Mowgli and his adventures with anthropomorphic animals in the jungles of India, here’s the perfect excuse to make an introduction to one of the most beloved stories of all time. We suggest reading the book then watching the Disney animated classic before you and the family see this live action/CGI version in theaters.

5. Well, it’s about time! We’ve been fans of The BFG for over 30 years, and now the Roald Dahl classic is finally coming to the big screen! The adventures of Sophie and her giant friend should translate well to film. And we can’t wait to see snozzcumbers look like. You can see this movie on July 1.

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