Don’t Let Laziness Deprive Your Kids of a Great Library Experience

Don’t Let Laziness Deprive Your Kids of a Great Library Experience

Thirty years ago, the best place to find a good book to read, regardless of your age, was the library. Don’t let the Internet of today fool you. It was and still is affordable, convenient and fun to head down to the local library and find something great to read.

But libraries are about so much more than just checking out old books. Nowadays, libraries know they have to compete with online resources and mega bookstores that sell coffee and pastries and let you sit in a corner reading all day without purchasing a single page of printed text.

That’s why libraries themselves offer online resources. But they provide so much more. And if you are a parent of reading-aged kids, you’ll be happy to know that libraries go out of their way to make reading an immersive and fun experience for children.

Some libraries offer reading challenges over the summer while others have story time during the week for younger children. Many libraries provide daily activities to expand young minds. In Idaho, the Literacy in the Park Program does something really cool: They bring large totes full of children;s books to parks and playgrounds so that kids can develop their physical bodies and their minds in one spot.

And what may be the best thing about these offerings is that they are free! Just think: During the ultra-hot dog days of summer, you can take your kids to an air-conditioned building where wonder awaits around every corner. Without paying a dime, you can ensure your kids are entertained and educated. Some libraries offer free snacks and sometimes even free meals to children.

It’s tempting just to plop your kids in front of a screen to watch streaming videos. It’s super lazy, too. And worst of all, it does nothing for childhood development. And while you could just order books online for your children, don’t deprive them of the experience you had as a child of going to the local library and exploring the rows and rows of countless books covering a wide variety of subjects.

The best thing about libraries is that they are no respecter of class. If you are wealthy or poor, there is almost certainly a library only blocks away. Reading is for everyone, so enjoy your local library and get your kids excited about books this summer.

— Fred Williams