Creating a Great Home Environment for Your Children

Creating a Great Home Environment for Your Children

Reading to and with your children is more than just helping them learn to read or furthering their education. It’s about fostering overall wellness.

Dedicated book time in the home is just one way you can and should enhance your home environment. The home is the one place your children should feel safe and secure. In a world of turmoil and chaos, they need to know that no matter what happens, their home is a place where they are loved, wanted, appreciated, encouraged, and celebrated.

One of our friends uses the aromatherapy of Melaleuca essential oils to help turn her home into an inviting, peaceful, and safe environment for her children. Other people we know make sure that the music that is played in their homes is uplifting, inspiring and soothing.

Story time, whether during the hot summer days or at night under the stars, turns the home into a place of wonder for a child. The home should be the first place your child’s imagination takes flight. By reading books to your kids at home, you will leave a lasting impression on them so that when they leave to make their own home, they will take with them a love of books and stories.

One thing you may consider doing to enrich your child’s home life is creating a family library in your home. The idea of an actual library room in your home may seem a bit outdated or old fashioned—especially considering how easy it is to get information from a computer or smartphone.

But back in the day, the best houses had libraries—rooms with walls of the best books from ceiling to floor. Home libraries were dedicated to quiet reading, learning and studying. If you have a spare room in your home that you thought about turning into a formal dining room, office, or den, consider turning it into a library instead.

— Fred Williams