Andrew Carnegie’s gift of books to the world

In days-gone-by, Andrew Carnegie, was seen as THE example of a wealthy philanthropist giving generously to benefit others, especially children. Having grown up in humble circumstances, where access to books was difficult, Carnegie knew the power books could bring to an inquiring mind.

Music while reading

Music and literature are artistic expressions that compliment each other and, in many cases, inform each other. For example, Handel composed a musical work, The Messiah, based on the written words of Isaiah. Likewise, great written literary works are often derived by inspiration the author feels when enlightened by musical works. The symbiotic relationship between music and literature can also extend into the reading experience itself. When a carefully chosen.

The power of reading books to children

Our world is a tough place to grow up.  It always has been and always will be.  Childhood is fleeting and passes in the blinking of an eye.  If parents aren’t careful, they’ll be empty-nesters with empty memories.  One of the easiest ways to build a trove of beautiful memories with your children is to read books to them.  In addition to creating memories, you’ll also be building valuable learning.

Build A Children’s Home Library

Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to his friend, John Adams, “I cannot live without books.” When Jefferson drew up the designs for his Monticello mansion, he was careful to include a room for his book collection. The room was not to be referred to as the “library.” According to Jefferson, a library is what you call a collection of books, not the room where they are housed. Therefore, the.