6 Great Books for Older Siblings

The addition of a new baby is an exciting experience for a family. But for the child who becomes an older sibling, the event might be as bewildering as it is thrilling. Who is this new person? How do I fit into the picture now? Will this baby replace me? These are just some of the things your older child may be wondering. Luckily, there are a lot of books.

5 Kids’ Books On Showing Thankfulness & Being Grateful

Fall is a season of abundance and harvest, punctuated by the Thanksgiving holiday, when families and friends gather to celebrate traditions and share a meal that commemorates the famous harvest festival of 1621. As we teach and describe Thanksgiving to young readers, most often, the adjectives thankful and grateful are used as beacons of importance. However, the lessons of thankfulness and gratitude extends beyond Thanksgiving and in addition to the.